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Pregnancy Massage

Service Description

Pregnancy massage, also known as prenatal massage, is a therapeutic massage tailored specifically for pregnant individuals. It is designed to address the unique needs and discomforts associated with pregnancy. ◾ Trained Therapist - It's crucial to choose a massage therapist who is specifically trained in prenatal massage. They should be familiar with the anatomical and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and know how to adapt their techniques accordingly. ◾ Positioning -Pregnant individuals can't lie flat on their backs for extended periods, especially in later stages of pregnancy, as it can put pressure on major blood vessels. Therapists will often use specialised cushions or pillows to allow the client to lie comfortably on their side or in a semi-reclined position. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS It's recommended to wait until the second trimester before getting a prenatal massage. This is when the risk of miscarriage is significantly reduced, and many discomforts associated with early pregnancy have stabilised. If you have a high-risk pregnancy, a history of complications, or any medical concerns, consult with your healthcare provider before getting a massage. Communication, it’s essential to communicate openly with your massage therapist about any specific concerns, discomforts, or areas you'd like them to focus on or avoid.

  • 1 hour
  • 70 British pounds
  • 12A High Street, Swanley

Contact Details

  • 12A High Street, Swanley BR8 8BE, UK

    +44 7944 804252

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